Climate/Meteo/Atmosphere (Projects)

36620 Global Atmosphere Watch - Swiss Atmospheric Radiation Monitoring Program Project None Vuilleumier, Laurent 1981 WJA
36587 Long- and short-term vegetation dynamic on lateral moraine fields at Great Aletsch Glacier (Valais, Suisse) - Langfristige Vegetationsdynamik auf lateralen Moränenflächen des Grossen Aletschgletschers (Wallis, Schweiz) Project None Rehberger, Silvan 1982 WJA
36560 Trends of ozone and meteorological parameters at high alpine sites Project None Kaiser, August 1993 WJA
36549 Holocene Glacier Fluctuations in the Valaisian Alps Project None Holzhauser, Hanspeter 2000 WJA
36601 Carbonyls and PANs at the Jungfraujoch and the related oxidation processes at the boundary layer / free troposphere interface Project None Stähelin, Johannes 2004 WJA
36586 Permafrost temperature monitoring in Alpine rock walls: Borehole temperature measurement in the East Ridge of Jungfrau Project None Phillips, Marcia 2005 WJA
36536 PERMASENSE - Wireless Sensor Networks for Mountain Permafrost Research Project None Gruber, Stephan 2006 WJA
36604 NOy at the interface of the planetary boundary layer and the free troposphere from measurements at Jungfraujoch Project None Stähelin, Johannes 2007 WJA
36588 Measurements of Non-CO2 greenhouse gases at the high Alpine site of Jungfraujoch for the assessment of their European Sources Project None Reimann, Stefan 2008 WJA
37486 Indikator 3: Zustand der Gletscher Project None Centre for Development and Environment CDE, University of Bern 2010 WJA