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WSL - Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL

42796EnviDat Database/Datatable WSL 2013
37524VDC Experten Applikation - Application d'experts Database/Datatable WSL 0
3117920150507 Presentation: Einführung Monoplotting Documentation Bozzini Claudio 2015
3118020150507 Documentation: Monoplotting (Tutorial) Documentation Bozzini Claudio 2015
43127LFI: Verbreitungskarten - IFN: Cartes de distribution - IFN: Cartine di diffusione - NFI: Plant distribution maps Map (digital) WSL 0
NPF Effects of soil moisture, needle age and leaf morphology on carbon and oxygen uptake, incorporation and allocation: a dual labeling approach with 13CO2 and H2 18O in foliage of a coniferous forest Project Ao Wang et al. 2020
NPF Determinants of legacy effects in pine trees implications from an irrigation-stop experiment Project Roman Zweifel et al. 2020
5122The acceptance of the acceptance of protected areas - Die Akzeptanz der Akzeptanz von Grosschutzgebieten Project Frick Jacqueline 2011
NPF Debris-Flow processes in the Illgraben Project Schlunegger Fritz 2010
NPF Debris flow entrainment and sediment transfer processes at the Illgraben catchment, Switzerland Project Schlunegger Fritz 2010
NPF Ökologische Resilienz nach Waldbrand in Leuk Project Wohlgemuth Thomas 2005
NPF Ökologische Resilienz nach Feuer die Waldbrandfläche Leuk als Modellfall Ecological resilience after fire - the forest fire 2003 of Leuk (Switzerland) as a case study Project Wohlgemuth Thomas 2005
36835Monoplotting Tool / GIS Suite Software WSL 0