Entry no. 7390

Visitor Monitoring with Loggers, Besucherzählung SNP


8177Swiss National Park Organisation/Institution 1914
35568Visitor monitoring with loggers: DATA 2017 Datafile from Producer Haller, R. 2016
33633Visitor monitoring with loggers: DATA 2016 Datafile from Producer Haller, R. 2016
33632Visitor monitoring with loggers: DATA 2015 Datafile from Producer Haller, R. 2015
33631Visitor monitoring with loggers: DATA 2014 Datafile from Producer Haller, R. 2014
28736Visitor monitoring with loggers: DATA 2013 Datafile from Producer Haller, R. 2013
28735Visitor monitoring with loggers: DATA 2012 Datafile from Producer Haller, R. 2012
8814Visitor monitoring with loggers: DATA 2011 Datafile from Producer Haller, R. 2011
8813Visitor monitoring with loggers: DATA 2010 Datafile from Producer Haller, R. 2010
7393Visitor monitoring with loggers: DATA 2009 Datafile from Producer Haller, R. 2009
7392Visitor monitoring with loggers: DATA 2008 Datafile from Producer Haller, R. 2008
7391Visitor monitoring with loggers: DATA 2007 Datafile from Producer Haller, R. 2007
7712Visitor monitoring with loggers: DATA 2005 Datafile from Producer Haller, R. 2005
7375Visitor Monitoring with loggers: Docu of installation and locations Documentation Haller, R., Rupf, R. 2007
7357Visitor monitoring: Location of slabs GIS Vector Layer GIS-SNP 2008
38039Besuchermonitoring Wintersportaktivität Buffalora, visitor census Project ZHAW, SNP 2018
53866Besucherzählung 2023 Schweizerischer Nationalpark Publication Rösch, C., SNP 2023
51844Besucherzählung 2022 Schweizerischer Nationalpark Publication Blass, R., SNP 2022
43487Global COVID-19 lockdown highlights humans as both threats and custodians of the environment Publication Bates, A. E. et al. 2021
50646Besucherzählung 2021 Schweizerischer Nationalpark Publication J. Johannsen, SNP 2021
50645Besucherzählung 2020 Schweizerischer Nationalpark Publication N. Brunner, SNP 2020
39553Besucherzählung 2019 Schweizerischer Nationalpark Publication S. Schiess, SNP 2019
37102Investigating the effect of visitor frequency on ungulate distance to hiking trails in the Swiss National Park Publication Visse, J. 2018
39554Besucherzählung 2018 Schweizerischer Nationalpark Publication R. Honegger, SNP 2018
37576Rain, cost or publicity what determines variation in visitor numbers to the Swiss National Park? Publication Anderwald, P., Millhäusler, A., Haeni, M., Haller, R. 2017
35569Besucherzählung 2017 Schweizerischer Nationalpark Publication Kuratli, B. 2017
33663Publicity, economics and weather Changes in visitor numbers to a European National Park over 8 years Publication Millhäusler, A., Anderwald, P., Haeni, M., Haller, R. 2016
33629Besucherzählung 2016 Schweizerischer Nationalpark Publication Millhäusler, A. 2016
30803Besucherzählung SNP 2014 Publication Millhäusler, Andrea 2015
35570Besucherzählung 2015 Schweizerischer Nationalpark Publication Steinert, T. 2015
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7309Visitor counting with acoustic SLAB Sensors in the Swiss National Park Publication Rupf, R., Wernli, M., Filli, F. 2006